Gold Charm

Gold Charm


About the designer: Theo Fennell’s design is a base relief Leopard’s head reflecting the Leopards’ logo drawn from the Assay mark for London.

This in turn symbolises the British based timeless jewellery and silversmithing arts so central to this country and its capital.

The pieces are in limited editions of 925 for Silver and 75 for Gold and comprises of both a charm and pendant in Silver and a charm in 18ct Gold.

About their Leopards Award winner: Mollie Taylor

This piece was designed by one of the winners of the Leopards’ design contest on behalf of The Prince’s Trust. Its inspiration was the changing skyline of London and the permanence of the Thames.

These symbolise the ever evolving design and techniques of jewellery along with the great, unchanging traditions of craftsmanship in the capital.

It was made by her in Theo Fennell’s workshops with some help and encouragement from the great craftsmen there. It is made in silver, hall-marked here in London and is entirely hand made.

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