Hammerhead Bangle with Leopards Enamel - Stephen Webster

Hammerhead Bangle with Leopards Enamel - Stephen Webster


Description: Sterling Silver, Leopard print enamel, Leopard Shark Bangle.

About the designer: Hannah, under the mentorship of Stephen Webster, was keen to turn her winning, London inspired design, into reality.

The design, reminiscent of the London Underground logo, has relatively simple lines meaning that the metal piece had to be executed perfectly with no place to hide.

Under the keen eye of Trevor a 40 year veteran bench jeweller, Hannah executed all the stages herself, including a complicated long drilling procedure, requiring absolute accuracy, enabling the central section to spin.

Hannah thoroughly enjoyed her three months mentorship with the SW team. She plans on using her learned skills to as her introduction into a career in jewellery manufacturing.


The Stephen Webster piece inspired by being a leopard and to be used to raise awareness and money for future leopards events and for TPT, is a bangle in the form of a hammerhead shark, wearing very much on trend leopard print.

The fantasy beast, is executed in sterling silver and in faux leopard print enamel.

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